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UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a tool that helps the user recover deleted files
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There are instances when we accidently delete some files or media that holds importance to us or for the functioning of the computer. This happens frequently with our e-mail inbox as well. Important messages get deleted and later on we’ll regret of our actions. Recovery of these files has been made easier and simpler with the introduction of UndeleteMyFiles Pro.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a professional tool that helps the user recover deleted files. It works for files deleted from hard disks, USB flash drives, CF and SD cards and other storage devices.

The features are all very simple yet very helpful. Mail rescue recovers the files that have been deleted from the e-mail folders. Media Recover helps in recovering media files and File Recover does the same for other system and general files. There are advanced options like delete file search, files wiper and emergency disk image. The delete file search allows the user to preview the files before restoring them.

A single file as well as a complete folder can be restored. Files wiper provides additional security by deleting a file permanently from the PC. Emergency disk image allows the user to save all data on a particular drive and then retrieve lost data, without the fear of overwriting current data with the lost one. The interface of the program is simple and the deleted files can be recovered in a two step process, adding more simplicity to the program.

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